How Much Money Simplynessa15 Makes On YouTube

Vanessa Gabriel is the American lady who runs the channel Simplynessa15 on YouTube. Her content is main her talking about random topics every week, She mostly shares her life experiences or crazy things that are going on in her life. Before YouTube she competed

How Much Money MerrellTwins Make On YouTube

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are the identical twins who run the channel Merrell Twins on YouTube. Their content includes challenges, songs and skits. The idea of doing YouTube came after a deal with Disney Channel to make digital shorts didn’t go as expected. They

How Much Money FluffyJetToys Makes On YouTube

FluffyJetToys is one of the biggest YouTube channels from Australia founded by couple Ben and Leanne. The channel is basically known for its toy unboxing videos. The most popular video 30 Surprise Eggs!! Play Doh Kinder Disnet Cars Ice Cream has over 170 million

How Much Money AR12Gaming Makes On YouTube

Nick Andrew is the Canadian guy who runs the channel AR12Gaming on YouTube. It is a gaming channel consisting of gaming videos combined with an entertaining commentary. He mainly plays car games like Forza and GTA 5. He started doing YouTube in January 2012.

How Much Money DangMattSmith Makes On YouTube

DangMattSmith is a YouTube personality who got famous thanks to his Chatroullette and Omegle comedy videos. His content now includes reaction videos, how to videos, pranks, DIY videos and comedy skits. He started out back in August 2011 as a vlogger then switched his

How Much Money ChuChu Tv Makes On YouTube

Creative Director Vinoth Chandar and his team based in India are the guys who run the popular kids YouTube channel Chuchu TV. It offer a wide number of colorfully animated nursery rhyme videos for young children as a form of entertainment plus teaching. The

How Much Money ExplosmEntertainment Makes On YouTube

Explosm Entertainment is a YouTube channel that runs the popular webcomic Cyanide & Happiness. It is written and illustrated by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatric and formerly Matt Melvin. They started out back in 2009 through their website. Their videos are mostly 1

How Much Money LittleBabyBum Makes On YouTube

Derek Holder and his wife are the couple from United Kingdom who run the channel LittleBabyBum. The channel’s content is basically some of the best nursery rhyme videos for children together with colourful animation to accompany them. The most popular video on the channel

How Much Money Guava Juice Makes On YouTube

Guava Juice is a YouTube channel run by Roi Wassabi, a former member of the Wassabi Productions. The channel has gaming videos like Roblox, Happy Wheels, Horror Games and other random games. Other content are like challenges, DIY videos and other different content. Roi