How Much Money MysticGotJokes Makes On YouTube

Mark Williams is the guy better known as MysticGotJokes online or sometimes just Mystic. He is a YouTuber who mostly posts prank videos on his main channel and often features his girlfriend on the channel. He also posts various comedy sketches and other entertaining

How Much Money LispyJimmy Makes On YouTube

Lispy Jimmy is a popular YouTube star from New York who is known for his comedy on GTA 5 games. He mainly does GTA 5 streams on his YouTube channel plus gives tips and tricks on the game. He also has a Twitch channel

How Much Money Jacob Sartorius Makes On YouTube

Jacob Sartorius is a musician and YouTuber from Oklahoma. He regularly posts music videos on his channel and from time to time he posts some comedy sketches for his fans. He is very famous on for doing lip sync videos of various popular

How Much Money Joe Weller Makes On YouTube

Joe Weller is a celebrity on YouTube who has a self-titled YouTube channel. He got famous for his FIFA commentaries and Q&A videos that he posted. He now does vlogs and comedy sketches from time to time. He currently lives in Brighton UK and

How Much Money MinutePhysics Makes On YouTube

Henry Reich is the creator and runs science channel MinutePhysics. He uploads various science videos explaining a number of topics from a scientific perspective using time lapsed drawings as a method of explaining.  Some of his videos have gone viral getting over 10 million