How Much Money EvanTubeHD Makes On YouTube

EvanTubeHD is a father son combination toy channel run by Jared (Father) and Evan (son). They post around 3 videos every week which feature Evan reviewing different toys. They started out back in 2011 and at first they didn’t monetize their videos. Evan’s videos

How Much Money AJ3 Makes On YouTube

Andy Castell is the guy popularly known as AJ3 on YouTube. He is a British FIFA YouTuber living in London. His videos mainly consist of Ultimate team squad builders, pack openings, mythbusters, discard pack challenges and various other FIFA related material. He started YouTube

Size 8 Releases New Hit Song – Pale Pale

One of the local gospel music heavy weight musicians by the name Size 8 is back with a new hit song by the name Pale Pale. The song is inspirational showing you how God can transform your life. Size 8 uses her life as

Watch Larry Madowo Getting Chased By Cheetars

Safari Larry aka Larry Madowo is once again out of the country only this time he remained in Africa. He is in Uganda at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. While the he decided to do something out of the normal and that is getting

How Much Money NepentheZ Makes On YouTube

Craig Douglas is the YouTube personality famously referred to as Nepenthez. He is an associate of the Ultimate Sidemen and does collaboration videos with them from time to time. His content is mainly about FIFA and real life videos. He is from the United

How Much Money Does iBallisticSquid Make On YouTube

David Spencer is the guy who is popularly known as iBallisticSquid, Squid Nugget, Squiddy or Squid. He is a Minecraft YouTuber residing in Yorkshire, England. His videos revolve around him playing the highly popular game called Minecraft and delivering a funny commentary on the

How Much Money Spencer FC Makes On YouTube

The guy who runs the YouTube channel Spencer FC goes by the name Spencer Owen. He is a British FIFA YouTuber and is also the creator of the professional eSports team called Hashtag United. His videos are football related majority of the time. In

How Much Money Calfreezy Makes On YouTube

Callum Airey is the YouTuber popularly known as Calfreezy online. His other nicknames are Calsqueezy and Calrigwog. He is a British YouTuber mainly famous for his FIFA game-play videos. He also makes various collaboration videos with The Ultimate Sidemen. He started out by doing

How Much Money BasicallyIDoWrk Makes On YouTube

Marcel is the guy who is popularly known as BasicallyIDoWrk on YouTube. He is a comedy gaming YouTuber and is known for his insurmountable rage moments when playing. He lived in Seattle Washington in the United States then moved to the United Kingdom. The

How Much Money Kevin Hart Makes Per Comedy Show

Kevin Hart has risen through the years dethroning his peers to be the undisputed king of stand up comedy. Between June 2015 and June 2016, he made $87.5 million which $30 million more than Jerry Seinfeld’s $43.5 million. Since 2006, Jerry dominated the comedy

VIDEO: Chris Brown Confirms He Is Coming To Kenya

Recently news hit the web that Chris Brown will be coming to perform in Mombasa at at event called Mombasa Rocks Music Festival. He won’t be alone because WizKid is set to also share the stage with him. Due to the many hoax announcements