Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2014)

lewis h

Net Worth: $180 Million

Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula 1 driver who has an estimated net worth of $120 million. In 2014 he made a total of $32 million, this is $29 million in salary and winnings plus $3 million in endorsements. He made $27.5 million back in 2013. This was $26 million from salary/winnings and $2 million from endorsement deals. He joined Mercedes F1 after the great Michael Schumacher retired. At just 23 he was able to win the F1 Championship and also became the first black man to win the title. He is among the highest paid Formula 1 drivers together with Fernando Alonso.

In terms of endorsement deals, Lewis Hamilton has made a lot of money from Santander advertising campaign. He had a very huge deal with Reebok but it ended after he joined Mercedes since the team still has a deal with Puma. Lewis is going to get more freedom in terms of endorsement deals since McLaren used to have so much control when it comes to endorsement deals. He also has a deal with Tag Heuer watches. In 2014 he also got deals from IWC and Bombardier.

Hamilton moved to Zurich, Switzerland back in 2009 because he needed privacy then in 2012 moved to Monaco. His move to Zurich was due to tax reasons especially after signing a $16 million per season deal with McLaren