Politician Pays Mustafa Ksh700,000 To Redo Raunchy Video

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2015)


Rapper Colonel Mustafa was ready to drop his new dirty video for the new song Dodoma Singida before being raided by the police while at the studio. He was taken to the CID headquarters and questioned about his relationship with the main model in the new video. They took his phone and went through the messages to see if there was any exchange of sexts between him and her.

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The video vixen is believed to be a girlfriend (clande) of a renowned politician who was furious about the music video. Mustafa was grilled for more than 5 hours then later asked to edit out the video vixen from the music video. He asked for Ksh700,000 as the cost of damage towards the production of the video if it is to be redone. The politician has agreed to do pay and we will have to wait longer to get to see the video.

It looks like politicians are becoming very protective over their clandes.