Safaricom Fiber To Home Unlimited Internet Prices, Speed and Locations Available

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)


Kenya’s telecommunication giant Safaricom hasn’t had much success with The Big Box due to low uptake and various issues with the devices. They then decided to go the fibre to home way to provide internet services, a market dominated by Wananchi Group’s Zuku  which provides both TV and unlimited internet services.

Safaricom partnered with Kenya Power since the electricity distributor has the vast network of 4000km  of fiber optic cables plus it already owns 3200km of its own fiber optic cables. A partnership will enable the company expand faster since license acquisitions, man power, land issues etc make it harder to role out especially within the urban areas.


Safaricom is currently charging Ksh3,499 for 10mbps, Ksh4,999 for 20mbps, Ksh9,999 for 40mbps and it will currently be unlimited internet, something many people demanded. You will not pay for any installation charges currently and the service is only available in estates with Safaricom Fibre Infrastructure.

Here is a list of some of the estates currently having Safaricom fibre infrastructure, the number keeps growing so it will soon be at your residential area.

1.Nyayo – Embakasi

2. Delta – Athi River

3. South Parl – Athi River

4. Jacaranda – Zimmerman

5. Bluebells – Athi River

6. Greatwall Phase 2&3 – Athi River

7. Greenspan – Donholm

8. Fahari – Karen

9. Waterfront – Westlands

10. Ngara Civil Service – Ngara

11. Simba Villas – Embakasi

12. Phenom estate – Langata

13. Fourways – Kiambu Road

14. Fourways  – Kiambu Road

15. Everest – Athi River


To get the service you can contact one of the sales agents within your estate or contact customer care for assistance. Then you will be required to fill an application form and give a copy of your ID or Passport. Safaricom will then issue you with a Customer ID number which is needed to make payments.

Payments are done by dialing *855# on your Safaricom line then enter your service PIN and afterwards customer account number, estate house number and contact number. Payment will be done from your M-Pesa account. Another option is to make the payment at a Safaricom shop. Installation will be done within 24 hours once payment has been done.

  • Maggz

    For a full list view here.

  • Topkat

    Buruburu absent ?!

  • Vic-Tor

    Has anyone compared their service versus Zuku? i.e Speeds(download and upload), downtime, customer service etc. Safaricom has dominated the telecommunication sector for a reason but if the services for FTTH are not up to par I’d rather go with Zuku, they are on top right now.

  • itotias

    Zuku is still a better deal. 50 Mbps, TV package and phone for Ksh 6999

  • Mickey Mwangi

    @itotias:disqus am one of zuku client in umoja.. and i think we are among the cheapest region for zuku and am subscribed to the 20mbps and it goes for 4500.. and for sure i have not hard about this 50mbps for 6999… and again i stand for the majority who are very disappointed with the zuku services especially the customer care…. i have been having downtime every hour and then… when try to call zuku for assistance it will come after hours…. not very sure but i think these guys have gone to an extend of blacklisting some clients phone… coz when i call using my number it never goes through these days as before.. but when i use another persons phone it always goes through… I very much welcome safaricom to umoja where there is market for them but retain there prices even in the near future

  • Peter

    Tumaini … Kenya builders pipeline??