How Much Money ItsYeBoi Makes On YouTube

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2016)

ItsYeBoi is a popular YouTube channel run by a guy from Canada named Sean. He mainly uploads challenge videos, tricks, prank and social experiments multiple times a week onto the platform. Before YouTube fame he was a band manager for a rock and soul group called The Lionyls. He also co-founded a music festival in Ottawa called E.L.E Festival.

How Much Money Does ItsYeBoi Earn On YouTube?

The channel has over 600,000 subscribers as of late 2016 and has accumulated over 50 million views so far. It is able to generate an average 170,000 views per day from different sources. This should lead to an estimated revenue of around $260 per day ($95,000 a year) from ads that appear in the videos.

YouTube pays channel owners between $2 -$5 per 1000 monetized views. Monetized views range from 40% – 60% of the total views.