Did Jalang’o Just Get A New Bentley? Check It Out

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

Kenyan comedian Jalang’o is one of the highest paid comedians in Kenya. He gets a fat pay cheque from his career as a radio host, as well huge profits from his company called Arena Media which deals with branding, advertising, events and PR management.

Jalas in no stranger to owning expensive cars. He has owned a series of Range Rovers include the OverFinch

Recently he posted a photo on Instagram of himself in a Bentley captioned, “It’s gonna be a good day”. A new Bentley will cost you Ksh18 million before the usual hefty taxes.

This might be his car or a friend’s car, that is yet to be confirmed. The lack of number plates shows the car is still very new.

  • Work well deserved my friend. If any man work hard he will reap the fruit of his Labour. I hope he helping the less privileged,” life is worth a living if the purpose of it is to humanity “. My little contributions is to keep working hard and assisting the need once. God bless him.