10 Countries With The Highest Civil Engineer Salaries In The World

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

Civil engineers are involved the design and planning of public works. One can specialize in structural engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering etc.

After a civil engineer graduates, they can work in different career paths such as city sewage design, water distribution systems, road construction, bridge construction, water distribution systems, traffic management etc.

1. Switzerland

Average Salary – US$144,000

A civil engineer in Switzerland starts at a salary of about 7,000 CHF per month and this rises to 12,000 CHF per month as one gets more experience.

2. United States

Average Salary – US$100,000

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a civil engineer is around $100,000 a year. Some of the top employers of civil engineers include University of Rhode Island, Foresite Group ($108,000), University of Colorado Boulder ($107,000), University of Illinois ($107,000) and University of New Hampshire ($103,000). The top states include California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania. Civil engineers who work in the Oil & Gas sector made an average of $120,000 a year which his higher than those working for government who make an average of $86,000 a year.

3. Denmark

Average Salary – US$90,000

A fresh graduate should be able to earn 59,000 euros a year and those with over 10 years of experience are able to make 79,000 euros a year on average. Those with a Master of Science in Engineering should be able to make 82,000 euros a year.

4. Australia

Average Salary – US$88,000

The starting salary is estimated to be at AU$70,000 and this rise to as high as AU$130,000 a year once one is able to gain experience. Some of the biggest construction and civil engineering firms in Australia are CPB Contractors, Lendlease, Laing O’Rourke and Hutchinson Builders.

5. Canada

Average Salary – US$81,000

The highest paying cities for new grads in civil engineering are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Starting salaries in all these markets are in the mid CA$60,000 and it can climb to as high as CA$107,000 a year

6. China

Average Salary – US$76,000

An experienced civil engineer working in China makes an average of RMB$200,000 – RMB$500,000 a year.

7. Singapore

Average Salary – US$70,000

The average monthly salary of an engineer starts at around SGD$5,000 and this rises to SGD$8,000 as one accumulates more experience.

8. Germany

Average Salary – US$68,000

Civil engineers in Germany make between €3,700 – €6,000 per month. Entry level graduates make €3,000 while those with a masters degree make €4,000.

9. Norway

Average Salary – US$68,000

A civil engineer from Norway has an average salary of 50,000 NOK a month which should translate to 600,000 NOK a year.

10. United Kingdom

Average Salary – US$65,000

The typical salary of a graduate civil engineer is around £24,000 a year with the lowest being in South West England (£22,000) and the highest being in London (£29,000). A senior civil engineer with many years of experience makes around £53,000 a year.