10 Countries With The Highest Graphic Designer Salaries

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2020)

Graphic designers mainly design graphics for use in media products like magazines, labels, advertising and signage. Their work basically consists of developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos etc. They also manage client proposals from typesetting, design print and production. Here is a list of countries with the highest paid graphic designer salaries.

1. Switzerland

Salary – $115,500

A graphic designer with at least three years of work experience should expect a salary of CHF 85,000 – CHF 105,000 per annum.


2. United States

Salary – $89,200

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, senior graphic designers are able to earn a salary of $89,300 a year. Some of the top paying states include California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois.


3. Germany

Salary – $76,500

Based on a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, graphic designers based in Germany can expect to earn between €38,000 – €65,000 annually.


4. Ireland

Salary – $76,200

A junior graphic designer can anticipate to earn between €20,000 – €25,000 a year while one with some years of experience can expect to earn between €25,000 – €32,000. Senior graphic designers can earn between €32,500 – €65,000 a year.


5. United Kingdom

Salary – $72,500

The starting salary for a junior graphic designer ranges between £15,000 and £19,000. Those with mid level experience can earn from £25,000 to £35,000 a year. Senior graphic designers are able to earn between £35,000 and £55,000. Large cities like London are the best paying and in-house design teams offer higher salaries than design agencies.

6. Australia

Salary – $68,000

A very experienced graphic designer based in Australia should expect to earn AU$95,000 a year based on data provided by the Hudson Engineering Guide. This translates to an hourly rate of AU$60 – AU$80. The highest paying region is New South Wales.


7. New Zealand

Salary – $60,000

Graphic designers with one to five years experience earn NZ$40k – NZ$65k per year.Senior graphic designers with over five years experience earn NZ$65,000 – NZ$90,000 a year.


8. Denmark

Salary – $60,000

Danish graphic designers earn an average of 382,000 kr a year based on data provided by local website Jobindex.


9. Norway

Salary – $59,000

According to data provided by Grafill after doing a study, it was found that a graphics designer earns around NKr553,000 annually.


10. Canada

Salary – $50,000

According to a study conducted by The Association of Registered Graphic Designers, Creative Niche and the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, a junior graphic designer gets paid a median salary CA$43,000 annually while a senior graphic designer should expect a median salary of CA$65,000. The national average salary is approximately CA$53,000 annually and it can go as high as CA$150,000 annually. The highest paying provinces are British Columbia and Ontario.