10 Countries With The Highest Mechanical Engineering Salaries

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

Mechanical engineering is one of the largest engineering occupations in the world. Workdays involve activities like designing, developing, building and testing mechanical systems and devices. Most of those in this occupation are employed in the oil, gas or industrial sectors. Others chose to specialize in research and development, testing or manufacturing.


Average Salary – $100,000

Experienced engineers based in Switzerland are able to make an average of CHF7,000 – CHF10,000 a month. The amount is city dependent.


2. Australia

Average Salary – $93,000

Mechanical engineers in Australia with no experience get a commencing salary of AU$65,000 a year and with experience it goes up to an average of AU$135,000 a year. Victoria is the strongest of the largest engineering markets followed by Tasmania and Queensland.


3. United States

Average Salary – $86,000

American mechanical engineers had a median annual salary of $86,000. The best paid 25% are able to make over $110,000 a year while the lowest paid make $68,000. Metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in this profession are Anchorage, San Jose, San Francisco, Tuscaloosa and Taunton. Salaries in these areas range between $119,000 – $150,000.


4. Japan

Average Salary – $82,000

Engineers in Japan make an average of ¥9,000,000 per year. Most of them work in the auto motive industry since Japan is produces some of the most popular car brands worldwide.


5. Canada

Average Salary – $82,000

Canada has a high demand for mechanical engineers especially in the Western provinces. Salaries of those working in Vancouver and Calgary make more money than those who work in Toronto or Montreal. Most of them work in the oil, gas and industrial sectors. Toronto mechanical engineers make between CA$67,100 – CA$118,000, Vancouver (CA$68,000 – CA$120,000) and Calgary (CA$70,000 – CA$120,000).

6. South Korea

Average Salary – $77,000

The average starting salary with very little experience is around 30 million KRW. Thos with at least 15 years of experience are able to make around 92 million KRW per year.


7. Norway

Average Salary – $70,000

Mechanical engineers in Norway are able to make an average of 50,800 NOK per month which should translate to 610,000 NOK per year. Salaries differ based on experience, skills, gender or location. The oil and gas industry is popular with most engineers.


8. Germany

Average Salary – $61,000

A mechanical engineer with around two years of work experience may earn a salary of around €44,000 and with more experience it can rise up to €55,000. Big companies are able to pay around €65,000 a year.


9. Singapore

Average Salary – $61,000

Mechanical engineers in Singapore with little experience get an average starting salary of SGD$5,000 a month and those with a lover of experience are able to make over SGD$7,000  a month.


10. Belgium

Average Salary – $50,000

Mechanical engineers with limited experience make around €3,800 a month. As one gains more experience their salary rises and this can hit an average of €45,000 a year.