40 Of The Hardest ‘Would You Rather’ Questions You Should Try Out

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2021)

Would You Rather is one of the most fun games at any party or when you are just hanging out with your friends and want something fun to do. There are no correct answers to these type of questions however you can gain an insight as to how someone thinks and also spark some really interesting debates. Here are some fun Would You Rather Questions you should give a try.

    1. Pry off your thumbnail with a fork OR put a toothpick under your big toenail and kick a wall
    2. Poop in the only toilet at a party knowing that you’ll clog it OR poop in the bushes in the backyard?
    3. Be the smartest person in the world OR the stupidest person in the world? (In both scenarios you will have the same level of intelligence as you do now)
    4. Know the moment of your own death OR the moment of the death of the person you love the most
    5. Have sex with your grandmother but no one would know or not have sex with your grandmother but everyone would think you did
    6. Have fingers for eyelashes or eyelashes for fingers
    7. Would you rather f*ck your girlfriend who is trapped in your mom’s body OR f*ck your mom who is trapped in your girlfriend’s body?
    8. Would you rather lose your right leg below the knee OR your left arm after the elbow?
    9. Be fluent in all languages or able to play all musical instruments beautifully?
    10. Have a constant terrible taste in your mouth OR a constant terrible smell in your nose?
    11. Know exactly when you die but not how OR know exactly how you will die but not when
    12. Lose your sense of taste or both feet?
    13. Give your parents unrestricted access to your browsing history or your boss?
    14. Be able to read minds or be able to see into the future
    15. Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $50,000
    16. Eat mayonnaise for the rest of your life or sweat it?
    17. Use a sex toy that has been used by a friend and cleaned to your satisfaction OR use a fork that has been used by tens of thousands of strangers and questionably cleaned by an underpaid teenager in the back of a restaurant.
    18. Do it and regret it OR not do it and regret it
    19. Sleep with three hot models with no one believing you did it OR have coffee with the three hot models with the whole world believing you slept with them.
    20. Stay with mommy or daddy?
    21. Lose you d*ck or your leg?
    22. Be able to fly at walking speed OR sprint without getting tired at driving speed
    23. Have someone poke you constantly for the rest of your life or never be touched by anyone ever again
    24. Your Mom and SO (Significant Other) have switched bodies.The only way you can fix it is to have sex with one of them. Would you rather have sex with your SO in your Mom’s body, or your Mom in your SO’s body?
    25. Cheat or be cheated on


26. Walk backwards for the rest of your life or talk backwards for the rest of your life

27. Feel like there is a small rock in your shoe or constantly have 1 popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth.

28. You go to take a sh*t in a busy public bathroom. You have a two open stalls to chose from. Would you rather rather sh*t in the stall that has a door that only blocks view of your face or the stall that has a door that only blocks view of your genitals?

29. Would you rather fall out of love with someone while they are still deeply in love with you, or have them fall out of love with you?

30. Smell like poop and not know it OR constantly be smelling poop that nobody else can smell

31. Have taste buds on your butthole OR poop through your mouth

32. Always have to say everything on your mind OR never be able to speak again

33. Be itchy for the rest of your life OR be sticky for the rest of your life.

34. Eat a bowl of vomit OR lick a hobo’s foot

35. Go through life with a perpetual cold sore on your mouth OR go through life with a booger hanging from your nose.

36. Smell like eggs  when you burp OR have a green cloud appear when you fart

37. Live like a king but have no friends and family OR be homeless with your friends and family.

38. Vomit from a hangover every single day for seven months OR have your period every single day for seven months.

39. Would you rather suck a used tampon that you found on the street, or a used condom?

40. Would you rather have someone give your d*ck a paper cut perpendicular to the hole, or take a fastball to the crotch?

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