9 Unique Stylish Affordable Watches For Women

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Not only do we wear watches for the purpose of telling time, but also as a fashion statement to match our outfits. Sometimes some women may want to wear one that is not very common out in the market but doesn’t have the fund to buy one of the expensive designer watches. Here are a few examples that can help you out when it comes to picking a unique and affordable watch

1. Diamond Accented Designer Wrist Bracelet / Genuine Wrist Eiffel Tower Watch for Women in Rose Pink.

Another variation of this design is this $20 version


2. More Issues Than Vogue Vintage Style Leather Watch – $15


3. Mint Green Polymer Clay Carriage Watch with a horse carriage drawn inside- $30

4. Harajuku Cute Totoro and faceless anime watch for those who love anime – $30

5. Cute Purple Princess Polymer Clay Watch – $30

6. Crystal Watch with a cat image embedded on the inside – $20

7. Rhinestone watch with leather strapsĀ  – $25

8. Elephant Rivet Leather Belt Bracelet Watch – $5

9. Bow Rhinestone Watch – $20

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