Bata To Open Its Biggest Store In Africa Here In Nairobi

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2014)


Bata Shoe Company is set to splash money on a new huge retail store on Muindi Mbingu Street opposite Jevanjee Gardens in the CBD of Nairobi. The company is well known and trusted for it very high quality shoes but has been facing steep competition form other small vendors.

The multi-million shilling store will be designed to be very spacious at around 11,000 sq feet which is almost double the size of the company’s large store on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi CBD.

Bata Kenya is just part of Bata Shoes which is based in Switzerland. There are 133 stores in Kenya, 25 are franchises, 63 are fully owned and 45 are managed on behalf of the owners on profit splitting agreement.

Large stores will offer better customer experience since the display is better and more shopping space. Bata will add 20 more large stores in different parts of Kenya.


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