Charlie Zelenoff Wiki: Facts About The Life Of The Popular Boxer

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)


Charlie is a professional boxer and a UBF World Champion. He was born on 27th July 1998 in Los Angeles. He is also known as Z Money. He is married to Daria but no information is available about his love life.


Zelenoff  is a professional boxer who started his boxing career in 2008 but his comments regarding boxing cause controversies with the boxing community. He has engaged in many physical fights due to his comments with boxers such as Crazy Tempo, Deontay Welder and other boxers. In 2017, he engaged Floyd Mayweather in a fight but all he did was keep trying to defend himself from the punches. Most of his audience has labeled him as having mental issues. He also does not shy away from trash talking most of his opponents and other boxers on social media, specifically Instagram and Twitter.

Charlie has his own You Tube channel that has 22000 subscribers where he posts some of his fights or challenges. His videos however, have millions of views.

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