9 Countries With The Highest Cardiologist Salaries

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Cardiology is a branch of medicine that mainly deals with disorders of the heart as well as other parts of the circulatory system. It includes medical treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Generally, the salary of cardiologist varies depending on various factors such as years of experience, location, private practice or salaried etc. Here is a comparison of their salaries according to different countries (salaries converted to US dollars for easier comparison).

1. Switzerland

Salary -$517,365

According to the Federation of Swiss Medical Doctors, a cardiologist working in private practice who are senior in their positions earn around CHF500,000 per year.

2. Canada

Salary – $450,000

According to the Canadian Medical Association, the vast majority of cardiologists in the country make their money through fee for service. The average gross fee for service per physician for cardiology was around CA$600,000 while the average percent overhead was 23%. Ontario and Quebec provinces had the highest number of cardiologists in the country.

3. Belgium

Salary – $442,000

Cardiologist salaries vary widely in Belgium based on which city one is based in or whether one works for public or private. One based in Tongeren earns an average of €115,000 a year while another based in Antwerp earns €300,000 gross per year. According to the De Morgen newspaper, those who do private practice earn around €400,000.

4. United States

Salary – $437,000

The average pay for an American cardiologist is USD 437,000. Those practicing in Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Nevada are usually the best paid while the South West and Mid Atlantic regions are among the lowest paid.

5. Australia

Salary – $304,000

According to the Australian Taxation Office, cardiology is the third highest paying medical specialist job right after neurosurgery and ophthalmology. One is able to get an annual pay of AU$454,000.

6. Netherlands

Salary – $276,485

Most Dutch cardiologist are able to make between €5,800 – €10,800 gross salary per month. Those who work independently can earn up to €250,000 a year. Training to be a cardiologist in Netherlands can take you up to 12 years.

7. France

Salary – $258,000

Private specialists earn much higher than general practitioners in France. According to the National Union Of Approved Associations, cardiologist earn an annual net fees of around €233,361.

8. Germany

Salary – $212,000

According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, cardiologists based in Bremen are among the top earners in the country with a gross monthly income of around 16,000 euros while those in Hamburg earn around 13,500 euros monthly. Those based in the capital, Berlin, earn around 7,300 euros per month.

9. United Kingdom

Salary – $136,500

Specialists in the UK mostly work for the NHS. Junior hospital trainees can expect to earn £27,150 during foundation year 1 and this rises to £31,422 when they hit foundation year 2. Qualified doctors starting specialist training have a salary starting from £37,000 annually and this rises to £47,000 as training progresses. A fully qualified cardiologist has a salary of £39,000 to £72,850. A consultant cardiologist has a basic annual salary that ranges from £77,900 – £105,042.