10 Countries With The Highest Firefighter Salaries

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2021)

A firefighter is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten life, property and the environment. Their duties primarily involve driving firetrucks and other emergency vehicles, put out fires, find and rescue victims, treat sick or injured people, prepare written reports on emergency incidents, clean and maintain equipment and conduct drill & physical fitness training. Below is a list of countries that pay the highest firefighter salaries:

1. Switzerland

Salary – $102,000

According to data provided by Lohnbuch, a very experienced firefighter based in Zurich can expect to earn a monthly salary of CHF8,500 per month.


2. United States

Salary – $80,000

Based on the data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a firefighter is $50,850 per year. They pay ranges from $25,550 to $92,000 a year. The best paying states are California ($84,370), Texas ($55,000), Florida ($51,000) and Illinois ($58,000).


3. Canada

Salary – $80,000

The base salary of a firefighter in Canada is around CA$65,000 a year according to Service Canada. However, their income can be bump to CA$100,000 and more thanks to overtime earnings.


4. Japan

Salary – $73,300

The average income for very experienced firefighters is 8 million yen a year. Those based in Tokyo tend to earn a higher income than those outside the capital. Generally, one would earn around 2.9 million yen during the early years of their careers and this would gradually rise as one gains experience.


5. Australia

Salary – $71,000

A recruit firefighter earns an average salary of AUD 60,600 and once he graduates to a base grade firefighter he will be able to earn around AUD 73,215 per annum. A qualified (first-class) firefighter is able to earn around AUD 86,031 a year and once one gains years of experience they become senior firefighters who earn a salary of AUD 92,000 a year. A station officer, who is in the supervisory rank, is able to earn AUD 105,500 annually.


6. Germany

Salary – $67,000

The average salary of an experienced firefighter in Germany is around €56,400 a year. Those working on the western side of the country generally get paid higher than those based in the east. Top paying states are like Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.


7. United Kingdom

Salary – $61,000

The starting salary for a trainee firefighter is £23,366 and when fully trained this rises to £31,144. They are able to make through overtime rates which are higher. Crew manager salaries range from £33,000 to £34,500 a year. A station manager is able to earn between £40,161 and £44,300 plus overtime rates.


8. Ireland

Salary – $53,000

The wage of a firefighter working for Dublin Fire Brigade starts at around €429 per week during the early years of their career. Once one is able to gain over 15 years of experience they can expect to earn around €850 a week. In addition, they also get payments with respect of night and weekend duties.


9. New Zealand

Salary – $52,000

According to data provided by New Zealand Professional Firefighters’ Union, a firefighter has a starting salary of NZD 44,435 per annum as a trainee. He is then promoted to a base grade firefighter (NZD 47,833) and afterward qualified firefighter (NZD 57,220). Once one is able to gain many years of experience they become a senior firefighter (NZD 63,478). The top-ranking officials are the station officer (NZD 72,768) and senior station officer (NZD 84,896).


10. Norway

Salary -$47,500

A fire constable has an average salary of 400,ooo kroner annually.

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