9 Countries With The Highest Obstetrician – Gynecologist Salaries

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2020)

An obstetrician-gynecologist is a healthcare professional that mainly specializes in the female reproductive health. Obstetrics involves working with pregnant women such as delivering babies while gynecology mainly deals with the female reproductive system treating a wide range of conditions such as STIs, reproductive health and preventative care services.

1. Switzerland

Salary – $374,000

A study done by ERI found that the yearly base salary of an OB/GYN ranges between CHF208,400 – CHF416,000 while the average base salary is approximately CHF314,000.


2. Canada

Salary – $370,000

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the average national gross pay for an ob/gyn working in Canada is CA$485,407 annually . The highest paying provinces in the country is Quebec ($604,000), British Columbia ($489,000), Saskatchewan ($486,000) and Alberta ($483,000)


3. Germany

Salary – $330,000

According to a study provided by Health Relations Germany, a self employed gynecologist based in Germany is able to earn €278,000 annually. Those who are still in the early years of their careers can expect to earn €7,250 per month under employment and this rises gradually as one gains experience. Some of the highest paying states include Baden Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Hamburg.


4. Australia

Salary – $324,000

An ob/gyn based in Australia makes an approximately $450,000 annually based on the figures provided by the Australian Taxation Office. They are among the highest paid workers in the country.


5. France

Salary – $240,000

As per figures provided by UNASA, an ob/gyn based in France largely based in a private facility is able to get an annual net fees of around €204,000.

6. Japan

Salary -$236,000

Based on the data provided by ERI, the average salary of a Japanese Obstetrician is JPY 25 million a year while the salary range is JPY 16 million – JPY 34 million annually.


7. United States

Salary – $234,000

According to the US Bureau of Labor of Statistics, the mean annual wage of obstetricians and gynecologists based in the US the mean annual wage is $234,000. Most of them work in offices of physicians and some of the top paying states are Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama and Iowa.


8. New Zealand

Salary – $142,000

Gynaecologists/obstetricians based in New Zealand usually earn a starting salary of NZ$70,000 – $150,000. Once one attains a senior position, they usually end up earning NZ$152,000 – NZ$217,000 a year based of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists.


9. United Kingdom

Salary -$141,000

Medical consultants employed by the NHS earn from £77,913 to £105,042 basic pay. One can also be paid for additional duties and may be eligible for Clinical Excellence Awards which basically rewards outstanding performance.

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