EABL Opens Yaya Center Shop Selling Expensive Alcohol

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2015)

EABL yaya center shop

Beer maker East African Breweries Limited has opened its first retail shop called Berries and Barrels that will sell high end spirits at the Yaya Center Mall. This is through partnering with one of its top distributors Bia Tosha Limited and the two have spent millions to open the outlet.

EABL says people are more willing to try out high end luxury alcohol brands. Sales of its spirits brands grew 67 percent. The rising spending power is what is driving the growth. The alcohol sold at the new high end outlet will retail at prices over Ksh4000. The management also promises a new experience when buying alcohol

Types of alcohol being sold at Berries and Barrels at Yaya Center Mall:

1. John Walker & Sons Odyssey – Ksh160,000

john walker sons and odyssey


2. The vintage Dom Perignon Champagne – Ksh44,800


3. Their most expensive cognac, Courvoisier Initale Extra – Ksh67,200



4. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

johnnie walker blue label


5. Ciroc vodka



6. Talisker Malt Whisky


7. Tanqueray Ten gin



8. Don Julio tequila

don julio


9, Johnnie Walker Red Label

johnnie walker red label

10. Smirnoff Vodka

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These are just but a few of the variety available