Esther Passaris Reveals The Trick She Used To Scare Team Mafisi Away

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

Without a doubt, Esther Passaris used to be very attractive during her youthful days and this always leads to men trying to get her attention.

However, she didn’t really enjoy all of the attention and would mention Bible study to ward off some of the guys with wrong intentions.

“Many men think that a woman is something you can only compliment and have dinner with. They only see sex. “I pretend I don’t see admirers. Men would tell me I am beautiful, and then ask to take me out for a dinner. I would agree on grounds that they wait until I attend my Bible study sessions. Many just walked away, and it worked for me. When you mention the word Bible, it puts a wall,”

Passaris used to run Adopt A Light and has stated that she got so many flattering statements during those days. Mostly about her attire or physique.