How Kenyans Are Making Money Through Expensive Hair Weaves Business

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2014)


When you walk around the streets of Nairobi, you will bump into dozens of women with weaves on. This is the struggle to have a Western look thanks to influence from most developed countries.

How much do weaves in Kenya cost? Most weaves go for around Ksh300 and there will also be weekly salon visits to maintain the good look. This will cost from around Ksh300 for the treatment.

There is a high end breed of expensive weaves costing around Ksh200,000 to have it on your head. According to celebrity stylist Jayne Awino Okoth who owns the elite Rapunzel Hair Affair Salon in Westlands, it will cost around sh80,000 to do a simple retouch to the weave.

Jayne imports her weaves from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, China, Brazil, India and Philippines. Hair from Costa Rica will cost around sh36,000 per bunch. An average of six batches are used plus retouching the hair, washing and fixing the weave to your hair are done. All this comes at a price tag of sh250,000.