Kenyans Making Money Online Through Kuhustle Website

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2016)


Making money online in Kenya is an industry that is slowly growing. It hasn’t really taken off due to our very poor address system unlike countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia etc thus makes package deliveries quite tricky. There is also the big problem of conmen who have made the online platform very untrustworthy. The likes of OLX and Jumia have spent billions to educate the public hence more and more people are purchasing items online while levels of trust are growing mainly through the word of mouth.

A new breed of online money makers has cropped in here in Kenya. These are those who offer services through freelance websites. The global freelance websites are very competitive and you will often lose to people in Asian countries or those who have been a reputable profile over years. A local website called is a much easier platform for Kenyans since the competition is little if you are very skilled at what you do.

Here is how it works. Imagine if you as a business owner, dealing in clothes and ornaments, make the decision to take it online hence you will need a simple website to showcase your products. You can either hire a single web designer who charges you so much since your choices are basically limited or you can post the job on where different web designers will bid for it (even the graduates with skills who just have never had a chance to showcase their skills) then you choose based on cost and other previous jobs done.  Each project is broken down in to deliverables which are tied to a certain cost.


Here is a story from somebody who works for

Friday Reflections:
(Eric says, share with his permission, but don’t call him for drinks, Netflix & chill this weekend wink emoticon )

Every week on Friday, I sign cheques to pay freelancers who have delivered jobs for clients on, sometimes to the tune of 150K, some of these kids are as young as 19 years old.

I don’t watch TV anymore but in my early 20’s I was addicted to TV and Movies, I was hooked, I would watch movies past midnight and through out the weekend, I still go for movies often, some of you have bumped into me on a random weekday or even joined me for a movie.

The problem is that in my early 20’s is when I should have been building my knowledge base, that is when I should have been reading more interesting books, learning new skills like design, animation, programming or building interesting engineering projects, but even more important doing what these kids are doing, at this age your social overheads are low (i.e no family, school fees for kids, better health etc), my money & time could have been spent way better.

I obviously admire them very much, they spend their time way better than I did, interestingly they are also the same ones who are the first to discover and enjoy things like netflix, hulu, spotify and new X-box games etc, but I also noticed something common among them, they’re not active on social media!. Obviously I could have made money, built a career and still enjoyed my movies.

If you are in your 20’s, think about it and ask yourself, are you optimising this time of your life?

PS: I am told on a good month, this is 2 weeks pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions in the last 24 hours.

1. How do I get a job?
Answer: Sign up and you will get an alert every time a job is posted.

2. How do I bid for a job?
Answer : Fill in your profile first, then if you want to bid for a job, click bid, write a compelling proposal and give your budget and timeline.

3. Can I work from home?
Answer : Yes, you can work from anywhere

4. How do I get paid?
Answer : Kuhustle are currently paying by cheque but in future Mpesa and direct bank transfer

5. Do I get to meet the client?
Answer : Yes, if the client chooses to meet you, ensure you talk to the client and get a good deal

6: As a client how can you help me?
Answer: Kuhustle can help you define scope of work, select a bidder based on proposals and they also offer you a project manager to manage the project.

7. Do you have a variety of jobs?
Clients post all kinds of jobs, from simple digital jobs, to internship to freelance work, kuhustle will be launching a new platform very soon, so subscribe and get alerts.

8. How do I increase my changes of getting a jobs?
Answer: Post your kuhustle profile on facebook or twitter and as your friend to recommend jobs to you.

8. The site is crushing what do I do?
Just refresh the website and it will be ok, its due to the high traffic on the site.

Share and challenge our brothers and sisters, freelance work pays.