Kenya’s Richest Cabinet Secretaries Massive Net Worth

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2015)


The leaders in Kenya’s government are undoubtly among some of the wealthiest individuals in the country. The new 7 cabinet secretaries appointed have a combined net worth of Ksh2.6 billion and very little i known how they accumulated such massive amount of wealth in a short while.

Here is the list of their net worth:

1.Mwangi Kiunjuri – Net Worth Ksh798 million (Devolution Cabinet Secretary)


He used to be a tout when he was younger then became a teacher. He holds massive chunks of land and buildings in Nanyuki, Sagana and Nairobi.


2. Cleopa Mailu – Net Worth Ksh615 million (Health Cabinet Secretary)

cleopa mailu

He mainly earned most of his money from his massive salary at Nairobi Hospital. He left a Ksh67 million a year job for one that will lead to a salary cut of Ksh40 million since he will earn Ksh1.2 million a year (salary plus allowances)


3. Joe Mucheru – Net Worth Ksh500 million (CS for Communication and ICT)

joe mucheru

He has earned around Ksh267 million from venture and has huge investments yet to mature.


4. Charles Keter – Net Worth Ksh352 million (CS for Energy)

charles keter

He will now be the former senator of Kericho. He did not give details on how he made his money.


5. Sicily Kariuki – Net Worth Ksh168 million (CS for Public Service Youth and Gender)

sicily kariuki

She says she made her wealth through her salary and investments.


6. Willy Bet – Net Worth Ksh127 million (CS Agriculture)

Earnings were mainly from employment, farming and rental income.


7. Dan Kazungu – Net Worth Ksh100 million

Dan Kazungu

He is resigning from his position as MP of Malindi.

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