Ksh 18m Jaguar F Type Coming To Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2014)
The new Jaguar F Type

The new Jaguar F Type

RMA Kenya holds exclusive resale rights for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in Kenya. The company unveiled the new Jaguar F-Type convertible last Wednesday. It is a two seater car which will be sold at a price of sh18 million and it will be available at the company’s Westlands show room.

RMA Westlands showroom at Delta Towers

RMA Westlands showroom at Delta Towers

RMA Kenya will target the car to Kenya’s upper middle class and the extremely rich Kenyans. This is more of a luxury car and driven mainly for fun so the households targeted will most likely own several cars.

Three coupe models of the Jaguar F Type are also in the plans to set foot in Kenya. They will be non-convertible.

rma 1 rma 2 rma 3 rma 4

DT Dobie controls the luxury car market in Kenya (50% market share) with the car brand Mercedes while Simba Corporation also takes a big share (25%) with its BMW cars. RMA’s top selling luxury car is the Range Rover and it is willing to pump in more cars into the market so as to target a bigger share.

rma 6

RMA’s top luxury cars

There is a big number of luxury cars set to be introduced in Kenya. BMW X4 will be introduced by Simba Corporation and will have a selling price of around sh13.2 million. It will also introduce the BMW X5 F15. The Porsche sports car will also be introduced.

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