KWS Builds New Campsite and Viewpoints In Lake Nakuru

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2014)


For those who like doing some tourism, we have good news for you. Kenya Wildlife Service has decided to invest money in new campsites and view points at Lake Nakuru National Park.

The most popular observation point is the baboon cliff which attracts 80 percent of the average 250,000 tourists who go to the park. This place offers a great view of the entire Lake Nakuru.

Entrance fee to the park is sh1000 for adults and sh200 for children. For those who are not residents of Kenya they will have to part with sh6960 for adults and sh3480 for children. Two private lodges are available and they are Sarova and Lake Nakuru. They make contributions totaling sh17 million per year.

What animals are available at Lake Nakuru National Park? There are 450 of birds, 70 species of water birds, 70 black and white rhinos and many other animals.

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