How Much Kenya Airways Executive Earn

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2014)


Kenya Airways is one of the companies in Kenya with the highest revenues sh106 billion but despite this, they nowadays don’t make any profit. Last year it made a loss of sh3.3 billion and a loss of sh7.8 billion in 2012.

Even with the loss making, KQ’s top bosses go home with really fat pay cheques. Top executives earn an average salary of sh328,812 per month which is an 18 percent rise from the previous year. KQ employees were paid a total of sh12.9 billion.

Sh103 million a year is divided between two executives who sit on the board. These are CEO Titus Naikuni and finance director Alex Mbugua. This means they both take a total of sh8.5 million a month, with the CEO taking the lion’s share.

Mr Naikuni is retiring from the airline and will be headed to RVR. He will be chair of the board.

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