Nation Media Group 2014 Dividend Payout

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2014)

nation media group offices

Nation Media Group recently had a shareholders AGM and they approved a dividend payout of a total of sh10 a share. This is a final dividend of sh7.50 a share plus an interim of sh2.50 which has already been paid. The total payout will be sh1.9 billion out of the sh3.6 billion the company made in pretax profit.

The dividend per share was equal to the previous year, but NMG paid an extra sh314 million due to additional number of shares after giving out a bonus issue of 1:5 the previous year.

A new printing press will be commissioned by NMG by mid 2015. This is to improve on newspaper quality especially of their number one newspaper in the country, Daily Nation.

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