Photos: Inside Anne Waiguru’s Ksh200M House

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2015)


Former cabinet secretary for Devolution, Anne Waiguru, is truly living like a billionaire. Why so? Simple, she has a mega mansion worth Ksh200m located in Kihingo Village in Kitisuru.

Waiguru used to have a huge salary of around Ksh1.2 million a month and claimed that she built the house on a mortgage.  If you want to buy a house in the same estate and be her neighbour, you have to pay up a deposit of around 25%.


Here is a virtual tour of the house.

So what is special about the estate? Well it has all round CCTV coverage, standby generator, jacuzzi, steam gym, sauna. squash court, basketball court, bar, AVR room, dinning room, meeting room, golf course etc. Everything a rich man would desire.

Here are some pictures of the estate.

kih kihingo1 kihingo2 kihingo3 kihingo4 kihingo5 kihingo6 kihingo7 kihingo8 kihingo9 kihingo10 kihingo11 kihingo12 waiguru1 waiguru2 waiguru3 waiguru4

And here is inside the show house. All houses in the estate are basically like this.

kihingo7 kihingo12 kihingo13 kihingo14 kihingo15 kihingo16 kihingo17 kihingo18 kihingo19 kihingo20 kihingo21 kihingo22 kihingo23 kihingo24 kihingo25