PHOTOS: News Anchor Kamene Goro Bares It All In New Photoshoot

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

Former Ebru TV news anchor Kamene Goro is currently the brand ambassador for Double Dees, a Kenya based lingerie company that came into existence in 2014. It focuses on providing high quality, alluring and affordable intimate apparel & swimwear for ladies with large busts.

This means that Kamene will have to do some revealing photo shoots where she will have to be in just lingerie. For the past couple of days, our Instagram newsfeeds were blessed with hot photos of Kamene embracing & showcasing her body in the outfits.

As usual, there are some people who just have to hate on the photos but she had this message for them:

I love that @doubledeeske picked me to go on this brilliant journey of self-love and discovery, because I have been confronted with the reality that is my body, and I love it! It’s really surprised the impact a little photo of a big girl in some really pretty underwear can have. How hateful some can be but how loving more of you are. So to those of you who caught such deep feelings about the last photo, here’s another one, Get mad!!! I told y’all, buckle up, It’s a Storm!!! #Fearless #Unapologetic.