Pizza Hut Set To Open Shop In Kenya

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2015)


American restaurant chain Pizza Hut has recognized the spending power and food appetite Kenyans possess. It has decided that it will open two stores in Nairobi. One will be in Westgate Mall and another in College House on University Way in Nairobi.

Pizza Hut is owned by mother company Yum! Brands Inc which also owns KFC and Taco Bell. KFC is already in the country with so many stores opened and many more already planned.

Pizza Hut is already in South Africa, Zambia and Mauritius. Each store costs Kshs25.5 million ($250,000) to set up. The outlets in Kenya have promised to have meals that meet Islamic dietary guidelines after recognizing the high number of Muslims living in the capital city.

Pizza Hut will go head to head with the likes of Pizza Inn, Dominos Pizza, Debonaires Pizza etc who have been in the market for years.

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