The Price Of Elephant Ivory In Kenya and The Rest Of Africa

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2014)


Africa has the highest number of wildlife and one of the most targeted ones is the elephant due to its ivory. Most of the ivory is smuggled to China where there is a huge demand. In just the past four years the price of ivory from African elephants has tripled in China. This price is 10 times bigger than the price in Africa.

At the moment the average price paid by craftsmen in China for a high quality elephant tusk in 2014 is around $2,100 (sh182,700) per kg. Back in 2010 it was around $750 per kg. High demand in Thailand and other areas for ivory products has caused a huge rise in prices and this has caused a sudden rise in poaching activities in Kenya.

The groups involved with poaching are those associated with organized crime syndicates and rebel militia. They use the money to fund insurgencies.

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