All Roads In Nairobi To Be Named For Better Address System

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2014)


The Nairobi County Assembly has passed a motion which will result in the naming of all estate roads which don’t have names and putting them in the map system. This will enhance e-commerce since goods and mail will be easily delivered directly to the houses.

The motion also stated that the buildings in the city should be marked and the numbers should coincide with their land registration numbers. Developed cities all over the world have all their roads names and house numbered hence the thriving e-commerce businesses.

The Postal Corporati0n of Kenya (PCK) is also planning on expanding its business to grow revenue. This will be done by targeting shopping malls, gated communities, government offices and other various businesses. The number of letters posted locally is around 17.3 million per year and a big bulk of this is mainly company dividend, bills and bank statements.

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