Safaricom To Start Selling TV Decoders In May

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2015)


Telecommunication giant Safaricom is set to launch it much awaited internet enables digital tv set top box hence creating a new market for its new product. It is currently in talks with the local free-to-air broadcasters to get consent to air their content.

The decoders will be 4G enabled which is the fastest wireless internet technology in Kenya. This will give customers access to video on demand and faster downloads. Customers with this decoders will be able to experience home internet WiFi hence saving on mobile data bundles.

safaricom decoder

The market of home internet and TV is dominated by Wananchi Group’s Zuku TV which offers home internet, TV and home phone all as one package. The big difference is that Zuku is a wired connection while Safaricom will be a wireless connection.

Safaricom decoders will come with a pre-loaded SIM card, data bundle and WiFi router. We however don’t know if it will be unlimited internet like Zuku. There will be a different mix of content just like other pay TV operators. Out of the 5 million households only 10% have pay TV, the biggest market share is between Multi-Choice’s DSTV, GoTV and Zuku TV. DSTV has a grip on the market due to its exclusive rights to air the very popular Barclays Premier League.

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