Safaricom Tries To Stop Internet Bundle Resellers

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2015)


Am sure if you are an internet user you have probably come across an independent person selling Safaricom internet data bundles at rates cheaper than what is offered by Safaricom (black market). The practice has suddenly become an epidemic since it has been very lucrative to the early adopters.


Safaricom has finally become fed up since this will eat into its data revenues in the long run. So to curb this, it has cut the number of times one SIM card can share data bundles from 50 times a month to just 20. The people selling data bundles do their businesses online and have Safaricom Paybill numbers. They buy the data bundles in bulk then break them down in small bits and sell them.

Safaricom made over Ksh6.5 billion in the six months to September with just 3.1 million smartphones on its network. Mobile internet is bound to be big business