12 Simple Unique Drinking Games Without Cards

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2021)

Drinking games are a fun way to spice up the party. If you ever find yourself without any cards but you still want to play a drinking game, below are some that you can try out:

1. This is a game of confidence.

You will just need a large cup, beer (can also be shots) and a coin. When it’s your turn, you pour an amount of beer into the cup based on how confident you feel. You flip a coin and call it while it’s in the air. If you get it correct, pass the cup with your beer to the next person but if you get it wrong you have to chug the beer.


2. Mustache

Cut out a black paper mustache. Tape it randomly onto your TV screen. Whenever a face lines up with the mustache, everyone drinks


3. Most likely to

Players take turns saying “most likely to get arrested,” “spend all their money on something stupid,” “have the most body count” etc. Everyone at the same time points to whomever they think would be most likely to do/be that thing. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them takes a drink. Repeat and enjoy. Tends to get more creative as the game goes on.


4. Spin the bottle

Basically, you spin the bottle and you have to look whoever it lands on straight into their eyes and say the weirdest or dirtiest thing you can imagine. Whoever laughs drinks.


5. Transportation

Take the first public transportation you come across. Roll a die. Stay on it for that number of stops. Get off, go to the first bar you can find and have 2 drinks. Go out and randomly walk to the next public transportation you find. Repeat.


6. Drunk Picture

Point a camera anywhere in the room and count down loudly from 3 before taking the picture, anyone not in the picture drinks!

7. Hats

Everyone places a hat or hat-like thing on their heads, whenever it falls they drink.


8. Home alone

You may place your hands on your face (like Macaulay Culkin) at any time. Last person to join you doing so drinks! (gets people slapping themselves)


9. Russian roulette

5 cups of water 1 cup of vodka.


10. Buffalo 

When you say you want to play, you have to play for life, period. The rules are anytime you get caught drinking with your right hand and someone else who is playing buffalo sees it and yells buffalo, no matter what you are drinking or how much, you have to chug the rest of it.


11. Pizza Box 

You put out the top of a pizza box or large piece of paper. Everyone writes there name somewhere on it. Then you flip a coin onto it and if it lands on a name, they drink. If it lands on a blank space, that person gets to make a rule and write it in.


12. Minesweeper

Get 16 identical shot glasses and fill 8 with cheap vodka and 8 with water. Arrange them randomly in a square and take turns choosing and shooting.

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