11 Songs About Being Scared To Love Again/Get Into A Relationship

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

When one undergoes a really painful heartbreak, it may be very scary to get back into a relationship with someone else so we hold back instead of fully diving in. If your are experiencing such as situation, here are a couple of songs to resonate with that:

1. Solo – Clean Bandit feat Demi Lovato

After the breakup, she tried to get a new partner but she doesn’t see any guys to hook up with due to her dating standards. She will go at it solo.


2. Taylor Swift – Delicate

Taylor pursues a hesitant approach while pursuing a new man.


3. Bebe Rexha – Meant To Be

Bebe Rexha revealed that the song was inspired by her sour experience with her past relationship. It has caused her to be uptight about new relationships.


4. Kehlani – Nights Like This

Kehlani trusted the other person in a relationship to care for her emotions but he threw them out of the window leaving her finding it hard to love again.


5. Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes

The song is about someone who is now more concerned about about protecting himself.


6. Labrinth – Beneath Your Beautiful

Here two people are talking about letting down their defenses.


7. Russ – Losing Control


8. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In The Name Of Love

Bebe Rexha needs her man to trust her since its essential to have a happy relationship.


9. Rihanna – Russian Roulette

This song compares a relationship with someone to playing Russian Roulette.


10. Adele – Water Under The Bridge

This song is for those who are in a relationship and waiting for it to get horrible and end but it turns out to be great in the end.


11. Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart A Break

This is a song about showing someone scared of their heart being broken that you are the one right for them. It’s about faith.