8 Songs About Confidence & Self Confidence

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2021)

Self-confidence is an attitude about your skill and abilities. You end up knowing your strengths and weakness well and have a positive view of yourself. Below is a list of songs about confidence and self-confidence:

1. Justin Bieber – Confident

Justin Bieber sings about a confident girl who catches his attention. Her self confidence has made him lose his mind over her


2. Katy Perry – Rise

In the song, Katy Perry declares that she is confident that she has the ability to overcome adversity.


3. Mary J Blige – Doubt

The track deals with issues of confidence. It uses the negative comments leveled against the protagonist as positive self-affirmations.


4. Demi Lovato – Confident

Demi Lovato celebrates her newly found confidence in herself and wants to share with the world how she went from feeling insecure with body image issues to feeling proud of her body.


5. Selena Gomez – Rare

Selena revealed that she has always struggled with self-esteem and confidence. She decided to be vocal about it and put out the things she wants to put out.


6. Billie Eilish – You Should See Me In A Crown

Billie was inspired to do the song after watching a scene on Sherlock.


7. Christina Aguilera – The Voice Within


8. Taylor Swift  – Me

Taylor Swift spreads a message of self-love and confidence in the track. It is embracing your individuality and really owning it.