Stock Market Billionaires In Kenya At The NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange)

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2014)

chris kirubi

The Nairobi Securities Exchange is one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money or lose close to all your money and maybe run mad. Some hardworking Kenyans made great investments in the stock market and through capital gains they ended up as paper billionaires. Most of them have a stock portfolio of around sh2 billion upwards each and earn millions in terms of dividends each year. They are mainly under the public radar and most people may not know them.

So who are some of the NSE billionaires (stock market wealth)? You can calculate exactly how much the value of their stocks is by using the current stock market data.

1. Amin Juma

He owns around 15.6 million shares in EABL and 2.1 million shares in Diamond Trust Bank. He makes hundreds of millions every year on just capital gains, which are still not yet taxable.

2. John Kibunya Kimani

He owns 2.7 million shares in EABL, 2.1 million shares in NMG (Nation Media Group) and more millions of shares in Safaricom, Kenya Re and Kakuzi. He has massive businesses outside the stock market (transport, construction, logistics)

3. Jimnah Mbaru

He holds around 256,000 shares in Uchumi, 219.3 million shares in Britam and he is the owner of Dyer and Blair investment bank. He also owns other large stakes in other companies

4. Chris Kirubi

He recently bought an extra 32.65 million shares of Centum Investments making him own around 29.9% of the company. He also owns 2.5 million of KCB shares. He made an easy sh38 million after he sold his 5.5 million Safaricom shares. He also has large ownership in companies like Capital FM Kenya, Haco Tiger Indstries and DHL Kenya.

5. Baloobhai Patel

He is the director of Pan African Insurance. He has huge stakes in Pan African Insurance, Barclay Kenya, Mumias Sugar, Safaricom, Bamburi and DTB. Their total value is over sh2.5 billion.

6. Sunil Shah

He has around 53.4 million shares of KCB. He is also the director of United Miller Ltd.

7. James Mwangi

He is the man behind the giant Equity Bank. He currently owns 4.88 per cent of the bank which is around 180 million shares. He makes sh225.8 million per year on just dividends. He is also a big investor in Britam whose value has gone up by over 100% over just the past year.

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