Telecommunication Companies To Share Fiber To Buildings Internet Cables

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2014)


Telecommunication companies in Kenya will have to share extra capacity on the fibre optic cables they connect to buildings if the proposed law on multiple wiring comes to pass. This is so as to discourage anti-competitive behavior by those who lay the infrastructure and get into exclusive agreements with landlords so as to lock out other operators.

Companies such as Safaricom, Liquid Telecoms, Jamii Telecoms, Access Kenya and Telkom Kenya are in the business of connecting fiber optics to buildings in major towns and providing internet. Fibre optic has higher capacity and this is what most consumers prefer.

This infrastructure sharing would be in a similar fashion to the tower sharing by mobile operators. Currently the number of subscribers of fixed internet are around 90,000 while those on mobile broadband around 2.9 million.

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