Who Earns More In Kenya: Public Sector vs Private Sector Employees

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2014)


The average pay difference between a public and a private sector worker went up from sh5,300 in 2012 to sh8,200 in 2013. The public sector workers were able to get higher salaries than private sector workers. The pay was up 16.7 per cent for public sector workers to stand at sh47,100 per month while that of those who work for private companies had an increase of just 11.2 per cent standing at sh38,700 per month.

The average pay for the public sector workers surpassed those in private sector back in 2010. This just shows how much the government is more of an attractive employer due to higher pay. It is higher because the government offer very many allowances in addition to the basic pay.

The public sector workers have much stronger unions. These unions have made it easier for them to demand pay increments. An example is the teachers and doctors who have got many pay increments within the last decade. Teachers are now being paid a total of sh138 billion which is a quarter of the wage bill.

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