Willy Paul Filmed Slapping A Woman Senselessly

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

It looks like Willy Paul yesterday left his neighbors shocked after he allegedly spotted slapping his female companion. A video recently surfaced online of a man being restrained by the watchman as he tried to beat up a lady despite her pleas for mercy. Check it out below:

In the video you could hear the woman shout “Willy are you serious? Niachilie!” Willy Paul is then seen walking then suddenly changes his mind. He reaches inside the car, grabs her phone then proceeds to smash it on the ground.

When WIlly Paul was contacted about the story, he didn’t respond. However, he went ahead to post on his Instagram account that he has a reality show coming up titled The Pozze Way which is about music, money and drama. He is following in Bahati’s footsteps of branching away from music into reality tv.


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It’s all about Music,Money & Drama ,but above all God Over Everything.My new reality Tv show #ThePozzeWay #254UrbanLife

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