10 Of The Best Hotels In Watamu, Coastal Kenya

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2016)

Watamu is a small town at the coast of Kenya, 105km north of Mombasa and 15km south of Malindi. It is a great tourist destination for those who like fantastic beaches and chilling in the sun.

10. Garoda Resort

Garoda Resort 2 Garoda Resort 3 Garoda Resort 4 Garoda Resort

9. Jacaranda Beach Resort

Jacaranda Beach Resort 2 Jacaranda Beach Resort 3 Jacaranda Beach Resort

8. Burudani House

Burudani House 2 Burudani House 3 Burudani House

7. Watamu Tree House

Watamu Tree House 2 Watamu Tree House 3 Watamu Tree House

6. The Charming Lonno Lodge

The Charming Lonno Lodge 2 The Charming Lonno Lodge 3 The Charming Lonno Lodge 4 The Charming Lonno Lodge

5. Ora Resort

Ora Resort 2 Ora Resort 3 Ora Resort 4 Ora Resort

4. Al Hamra

Al Hamra 2 Al Hamra 3 Al Hamra

3. Hemmingways

Hemmingways 2 Hemmingways 3 Hemmingways


2. Shwari House

Shwari House 2 Shwari House 3 Shwari House

1. Medina Palms

Medina Palms 2 Medina Palms 3 Medina Palms 4 Medina Palms

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