10 Songs About Being Yourself

Being yourself basically means living life how you want to live it regardless of other people’s opinions. You end up respecting yourself and not having to worry about what others think. 1. Demi Lovato – I Love Me The track is an empowering self-love

10 Songs About Karma

Karma, also known as the law of moral causation, is based on the belief that an individual’s actions affect their future. Good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s existence. Below is a list of songs about karma: 1. Drake –

10 Songs About Hypocrites

A hypocrite is generally a person who pretends to have qualities, beliefs or feelings that they don’t really have. If you are dealing with hypocrites in your life, here is a list of songs you can relate with: 1. Ed Sheeran – Beautiful People

12 Songs About Moving Forward

Moving forward in life is very important so as to avoid remaining stagnant and being tempted to just throw in the towel and give up on certain things in life. Here is a list of songs that talk about moving forward from various situations

15 Songs About Being Apart

Different circumstances in life can lead to us being apart from those whom we cherish in our lives. Below is a list of songs you can resonate with if you are away from your lover: 1. Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon This

7 Songs About Looking Good

Once in a while we all put an effort to look good for various occasions. Below is a list of songs about looking good that you can resonate with: 1. Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars – Wake Up In The Sky The two musicians brag

10 Songs About Hometowns

A hometown is generally a town where one was born or grew up. As we start adulting, some of us may end up moving to a different town because of work or just wanting a change of environment. However, the memories of our hometowns

13 Songs About Grieving

Grieving is a natural response to losing someone or something that meant a lot to you. You get to experience a surge of emotions such as sadness and loneliness. Check out this list of songs about grieving: 1. Louis Tomlihson – Two Of Us