11 Songs About Commitment Issues

Commitment issues is basically the fear of commitment often mainly to a romantic relationship. Those in such situations may experience mental distress and emotional difficulty when facing situations that need dedication to a particular long term goal. Here is a list of songs that

12 Songs About Working Hard

If you want to increase your chances of being successful you have to put in the work. Here is a list of songs that will help you in building your motivation to work harder: 1. Britney Spears – Work Bitch This was a club

11 Songs About Ambition

Ambition is the strong desire to do or achieve something or success. We all strive to reach a specific goal at different stages in our lives. Here is a list of songs you can use to fuel your ambition: 1. The Script – Hall

13 Songs About Lost Love

Lost love is when you’ve lost someone that was your world and someone who meant everything to you. After you lose them, you end up with the feeling of emptiness and you feel like you may never love someone else again like you loved

10 Songs About Regret

Regret is the second most common emotion people mention in daily life. We are continually rewriting history in our heads because of past mistakes or missed out chances. If you experiencing this in your life here is a list of songs that talk about