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9 Songs About Adolescence & Teenage Life

A teenager is someone who is basically between the age of 13 and 19 years old. Teenagehood is usually a period of intense growth physically, emotionally and intellectually. This is when one grows into a distinct individual. Below is a list of songs that

9 Songs About Coming Of Age

Generally, coming of age is when one finally grows up and becomes an adult or be at a maturity where you can now do some things that you couldn’t do before. Below is a list of songs to listen to when you feel you

12 Songs About Young Love

Young love is when two young people experience intense emotions for each other most likely for the first or second time in their lives. It often occurs among teenagers or really young adults. It is often confusing since those experiencing it generally lack experience

13 Songs About Being Young

Youth is something that passes by very fast and we are all encouraged to enjoy it to the fullest if we are in a position to. It is the best time to push yourself to the limit and try as many risky things as

13 Songs From Parent To Child

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences one can ever have and for most people it unlocks a new level of love for another human being. Below is a list of songs a parent can dedicate to their children: 1. Jayner