10 Best Sites To Sell Used Textbooks Online For Cash

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

If you go to school or college, at one point or another you will get stuck with a text book that isn’t of any value to you in your day to day activities. The best thing to do with it is to either give it out to a friend who needs it or sell it.

If you take the route of selling, here is a list of some of the best websites that you can sell that textbook you don’t need.

1. Book Scouter

This one does the heavy lifting for you. The site simply needs the ISBN of the book then it will search for the best price for you from over 35 different vendors. There are some reviews you can check out for each vendor before settling in on which one you would prefer.


2. Cash4books.

This site will buy the book from you directly only if you meet their standards. All you have to do is enter the ISBN number of the book you want to sell then search. You will get an offer for the book. If you like it, you accept and they will send you a prepaid shipping label which you will use to ship the book to them.

Once they get the book, they will inspect it. If approved you will get paid via Paypal or any other method you prefer.


3. Sell Back Your Book

They are quite similar to Cash4books but they have certain standards for the books they can buy from you.

Some of the books they don’t buy are Instructor Edition Textbooks, examination copies, teacher’s edition, advanced readers copy, items without an ISBN printed on the book, items that are sexually explicit and/or offensive, non book items like calendars and encyclopedia sets.

Another handy feature they have is their Bulk ISBN option where you can search multiple books all at once.


4. SellbackBooks

Here you can enter up to 10 ISBNs all at once. Their unique feature is they offer ACH Direct deposit which means you get paid faster.


5. Powell’s Books

Their online portal is an extension of the services they offer in their physical stores. You can go to one of their physical stores if located in your area. The payment options are through Paypal and store/site credit.


6. eCampus

If you have a book with writings on the margins, highlighting and other markings this is the best site for you since you have a higher chance of acceptance. You can get an instant quote and sell to the site owners directly or you can decide to sell to other students through their marketplace. The site takes a 15% commission on each sale.


7. Bookbyte.

These guys have been selling affordable textbooks since 1999. The work pretty similar to the earlier mentioned sites.


8. Half.com (Ebay)

This is an Ebay Subsidiary that just specializes in books. Here you can sell your used book directly to potential buyers then pay a commission on each sale that can be as high as 25%. The site doesn’t have listing fees or monthly fees and also boasts of a large book customer base.


9. Rentbooks.com

The process is similar to the earlier mentioned sites. Their unique feature is that they protect your quote for 30 day hence the money you were to get doesn’t change with the price changes in the market.


10. CKY books

These guys buy a wide variety of books, not just textbooks. They can also take reference texts, novels and audiobooks. If your book gets rejected, they will hold the book for 15 days. If you don’t pay for postage, you book will be recycled or donated.

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