10 Countries With The Highest Dentist Salaries In The World

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

Jobs in the healthcare industry are among the highest paying in the world and dentistry falls into this category. Experienced dentists are able to make more money due to higher fees and go into private practice. Specialists have an ever higher earning power due to their specialization.

Here is a look into countries with the highest paid doctors.

1. Norway

Average salary – $180,000

The average dentist working in Oslo, Norway will make an average of kr 1,545,000 ($180,000 a year) or an hourly rate of kr743. They are also entitled to a bonus which can be around Kr54,000.


2. United States

Average salary – $172,000

The average yearly salary of a dentist in the United States is at $172,000. Salaries typically start at from $68,000 and can skyrocket to over $250,000.  Some of the best paying states include Delaware, North Dakota, Alaska, North Carolina and New Hampshire.


3. Ireland

Average salary – $155,000

According to a research done by the Irish Dentists Association, principal dentists who owned all or part of their practices had a yearly income of €136,700 after paying off various costs associated with running the business. Associate dentists or those who worked in practices they didn’t have an ownership in made an average of €112,000. Dentists who work on private patients had a much higher income than those who work on patients on publicly funded schemes.

4. Switzerland

Average salary – $125,000

An experienced dentist in Switzerland can earn an average salary of SFr125,000 ($125,000). Most of them usually start at SFr78,000.


5. France

Average salary – $113,200

A dentist in France gets an average salary of €100,000. The education and practice of dentistry in France is under the jurisdiction of a governmental agency called the Ordre National des Chirurgiens-Dentistes.

6. Netherlands

Average salary – $113,200

The average salary for a dentist in Netherlands is €100,000. All dentists have to be listed in the BIG register before they can work in any Dutch clinic. Foreign dentists must demonstrate they have a satisfactory command of the Dutch language and for those who graduated outside the EU, they have to take the AKV test. KNMT is the largest association for oral care professionals in Netherlands and through this you can get an unlimited access to the Dentistry Job Bank.


7. United Kingdom

Average salary – $107,000

A dentist employed by the NHS mainly in community dental services earns a salary of £40,000 – £84,000. Once you graduate and want to work in the NHS, you will have to first finish one year of foundation training and here you will earn a salary of around £31,300. Most dentists in the UK are self employed contractors in general practice, mixing NHS with private work. Here most make £50,000 – £110,000. If you venture to be a fully private dentist, you make over £150,000.

A dentist working as a GDP is self employed and arranges their own working hours which suit the patient. The work within hospitals tend be on short-term contracts with irregular working hours. Self-employment in hospital dentistry is only possible for consultants.


8. Canada

Average salary – $106,000

The average salary for a Canadian dentist is around CA$140,000 a year ($106,000) after overheads but this varies depending on the location and size of the practice. You need at least two years of undergraduate studies, followed by four years of dental school and a further three years for specialties. The top earning dentist in the industry can make between CA$200,000 t0 CA$1.6 million a year. Members of the profession take home 45% of the fees they charge since they pay hygienists, other staff and finance pricey equipment.


9. Australia

Average salary – $102,768

In Australia, the five biggest companies that hire dentists include health insurer Bupa which has over 200 dental clinics in Australia, National Dental Care with 59 clinics, Primary Healthcare, Maven Dental Group and 1300 SMILES. Dentists are remunerated based on the revenue they generate for the companies. The average salary ranges from AU$130,000 – AU$145,000 a year. Younger doctors get a starting salary of AU$70,000 a year.


10. Germany

Average salary – $90,000

The average dentist salary is €80,000 a year