10 Countries With The Highest Paralegal (Legal Assistant) Salaries

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2020)

Paralegals and legal assistants mainly perform many of the duties an attorney would have to take care of personally if he did not hire such a professional. Their tasks mainly include doing legal research, draft pleadings, contracts, leases and other court & legal documents. Aside from that, they also help with trial preparation and usually assist clients by answering many of their questions. However, their roles are limited. They cannot give legal advice or guide clients toward one course of action or another. They also cannot sign pleadings or other documents which have to be reviewed and signed by the attorney.

1. Japan

Kabukicho red light district, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Salary – $103,000

According to job postings, paralegals in Japan based in Tokyo can expect an annual salary of between 4,000,000 yen and 11,000,000 yen.

2. United Kingdom

Salary – $68,500

A junior paralegal’s salary at a non-graduate entry level ranges between £14,000 – £22,000 while at graduate entry level it ranges from £18,000 – £25,000. Once one gains 3 – 5 years of experience the salary rises to between £30,000 – £40,000. Very well experienced paralegals can earn up to £55,000 a year and in rare cases it can go to as high as £70,000.

3. Switzerland

Salary – $67,000

According to Paylab, a Swiss paralegal is able to earn between 2,600 CHF – 5,402 CHF per month.

4. Norway

Salary – $61,000

According to figures provided by Paylab, a paralegal in Norway can expect to earn between 22,000 NOK – 52,400 NOK per month.

5. United States

Salary – $61,000

According to the BLS, the national average annual wage of a paralegal is $54,500. The highest paying state is Connecticut with an annual salary of $62,760. Other top paying states include California, Washington, Massachusetts, Alaska, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware with salaries between $61,240 – $57,290.

6. Germany

Salary – $53,000

According to Paylab a German paralegal earns between €2,000 – €4,045 per month

7. Ireland

Salary – $52,000

According to a survey done by Robert Walters Group, paralegals earn an annual salary of between €30,000 – €48,000.

8. Belgium

Salary – $50,000

A legal assistant based in Belgium makes between €2,000 – €2,300 per month at the start of their career and once they have over 6 years of experience they can make €2,500 – €3,800 per month.

9. Canada

Salary – $50,000

Paralegal salaries vary widely among the different employers. Most start making the same as a legal secretary with a salary of $15 – $20 an hour. One of the best paying positions is working for the government where one is able to make about CA$70,000 a year. Those is private practice start at a billing rate of between CA$50 – CA$75 a hour.

10. Australia

Salary – $36,000

According to a salary survey on LinkedIn, the median salary of a legal assistant in Australia stands at around AU$56,000 a year.

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