10 Countries With The Highest Paramedic (EMT) Salaries

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)

A paramedic is a specialist healthcare professional who responds to emergency calls for medical help outside of a hospital. They mainly work as part of the emergency medical services and their work mainly involves autonomous decision making around the emergency care of patients.

1. Canada

Salary: $119,000

The salary of a paramedic in Canada is dependent on province and experience. Generally those who are based in Ontario have an annual salary starting from roughly CA$70,000 – CA$90,000 as a Primary Care Paramedic. Their duties include providing basic medical care, administration of oxygen, administering IV, cardiac monitoring, semi automated external defibrillation and others. Those who get promoted to Advanced Care Paramedic are paid around CA$80,000 – CA$100,000. They are trained to perform intubation, intravenous therapy, place external jugular IV line, perform needle thoracotomy, obstetrical assessment and administer pain relief. Critical Care Paramedics are the highest paid category. Their salaries range between CA$100,000 – CA$155,000. They mainly engage in critical and intensive care unit level care, stabilizing and transporting patients in hospitals.

2. Switzerland

Salary: $101,000

An ambulancier in Switzerland get paid between CHF60,000 – CHF98,000 based on different levels of experience and responsibilities.

3. United Kingdom

Salary: $93,000

Paramedics’ salaries are usually covered by the NHS and start at Band 5 which ranges from £23,000 – £29,600 annually. For team leaders or senior paramedics who have extra skills in critical care or trauma, they are paid between €28,000 – £36,000. Those who go up to the level of a consultant paramedic get into the band 8c salary £60,000 to £71,200 annually.

4. Australia

Salary: $76,000

A paramedic working for St John NT which is a government appointed provider for ambulance services in the Northern Territory, earns about AU$98,000 per year while an intensive care paramedic earns AU$107,000 annually. Rescue paramedic based in Western Australia makes between AU$100,000 – AU$110,000, those based in Adelaide (AU$60,000 – AU$66,000), Perth (AU$89,000 – AU$100,000), Sydney (AU$88,000 – AU$91,000) and Tasmania (AU$109,000).

5. Norway

Salary: $74,000

An ambulance paramedic gets paid an average of 19,500 NOK per month at the early years of his career and once one gains over a decade of experience they can make an average of 54,700 NOK per month.

6. United States

Salary: $67,600

In the United States the best paying states are Washington with a mean salary of $67,600, District of Columbia ($57,000), Hawaii ($54,000), Maryland ($49,500) and Alaska ($48,000). A large number of Paramedics are paid an average of $34,000.

7. Netherlands

Salary: $53,000

Paramedics in Netherlands earn an approximate salary of €4,000 per month or €48,000 per year.

8. Ireland

Salary: $51,000

The National AMbulance Service is the statutory pre-hospital emergency and intermediate care provider for the State. A student paramedic earns a salary of around €26,000 for the period of training, a full paramedic earns a basic pay of between €26,000 – €37,000. An advanced paramedic earns the normal basic salary plus an extra allowance of €9,215 per annum.

9. Japan

Salary: $50,000

Most paramedic in Japan have a firefighter background. The job needs a minimum of five years employment as an ambulance personnel, 509 hours of lecture and 406 hours of hospital training or simulation in a training facility. They make between 1.7 million Yen annually at the start of their career and 5.5 million yen at the peak of their career with over a decade of experience.

10. Germany

Salary: $35,000

A typical paramedic’s salary various around €2,000 – ¢2,600 per month for upto 48 hours per week. They can earn more for shift work and assuming additional tasks.

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