10 Countries With The Highest Professor Salaries In The World

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

A professor is an academic rank at universities and other post secondary education plus research institutions. They hold the most senior academic position. Below is a list of countries with the highest paid professors worldwide: (Annual Salary In US Dollars).

1. Switzerland

Average Salary – $171,000

Swiss professor’s are the highest earners in Europe. As associate professor from a University such as Universite de Lausanne or ETH Zurich has a salary range of 126,000 – 159,000 CHF annually while the full professor makes from 150,000 – 172,000 CHF.


2. Australia

Average Salary – $140,000

Australia is regarded as one of the top destinations for international students and this has made education to be Australia’s third largest export behind iron ore and coal. An associate professor makes between AU$150,000 – AU$178,000 while a professor makes from AU$195,000 – AU$207,000.


3. Netherlands

Average Salary – $122,000

According to the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities, associate professors (universitair hoofddocent) should earn between €4,800 – €9,400 a month while full professors (Hoogleraar)  should be able to make €5,400 – €9,400 per month.


4. United Kingdom

Average Salary – $105,000

A professor in the UK gets an average salary of £79,000 a year as per Times Higher Education. Various senior academic staff members make an average of £83,000.


5. Denmark

Average Salary – $105,600

Members of the faculty’s salaries are determined by contracts negotiated between academic unions and the government. An associate professor earns and average of 45,000 DKK per month while professors earn an average of 60,000 DKK per month.

6. United States

Average Salary – $102,400

According to the American Association of University Professors, the average salary of a full professor is $102,400 while that of an associate professor is around $80,000.


7. Finland

Average Salary – $95,000

The salary of a Finn professor is determined by individual performance and job requirements. An associate professor makes between €3,400 – €5,600 per month while a professor makes between €4,600 – €8,700 per month.


8. Canada

Average Salary – $93,000

A full time academic member of the teaching staff earns an average of CA$98,500 a year while full professors get a median salary of CA$125,000 a year. Associate professors get a median salary of CA$97,500.


9. Germany

Average Salary – $92,000

German professor’s salaries are determined by the government since they are civil servants. An associate professor (dozent) makes between €60,000 – €73,000 a year while full professors  (Professur) make between €69,000 – €82,000.


10. France

Average Salary – $82,000

French universities are usually public institutions thus the government sets their salaries. A tenured associate professor has a salary that can range from €25,000 – €54,000 a year depending on the class and seniority of the academic. Tenured full professors can make between €37,000 – €74,000