10 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2014)

China has a large share of the world’s billionaires and also the largest population in the world. It is also the world’s second largest economy after United States.

Here are some mind blowing facts about China

1. 23 million trees are cut down to satisfy Chinese demand for chopsticks

chopsticks in china

Around 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are used in China every year.


2. China’s railways could go round earth twice

chinese railway

China’s railway length is around 93,000 km while earth’s circumference is 40,075km.


3. Smoking kills 1 million Chinese each year

smoking in china


4. China has natural gas reserves equal to 1.24 billion Olympic size swimming pools

olympic size pool

China’s natural gas reserve is around 109.3 trillion cubic feet. This is the 13th largest amount in the world


5. The Chinese eat around 5200 Eiffel Towers worth of pork every year

pork in china

This is around 52 million tonnes of pork. Eiffel tower weighs around 10,000 tonnes.


6. The 20 richest people in China have a combined net worth of $145.1 billion. This is higher than Hungary’s GDP of $124 billion.

rich china


7.30 million Chinese people live in caves. That is higher than the population of Saudi Arabia.

chinese living in caves


8. Chinese consumer spending will triple by 2020

chinese shopping

The rate in 2010 was $2.03 trillion and it is expected to hit $6.18 trillion by 2020. This will make it the top global luxury market at $245 billion


9. Half of the pigs in the world live in China

pigs in china


10. Coal reserves in China weigh as much as 575 million blue whales

blue whale


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