10 Highest Earning Christmas Movies Of All Time

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2015)

Holiday films are a yearly occasion. Every year, studios release movies dedicated to profiting on events, for example, Halloween and Christmas. Christmas films have demonstrated on numerous occasions that crowds love a good, endearing story. Who doesn’t appreciate cozying up by the fire for your most loved holiday film with a mug of hot cocoa? The aching for this experience may be a piece of what draws crowds into the theaters this time of year, hoping they’ll find the following holiday classic.
Below are the top 10 highest-grossing Christmas movies ever. These movies deal with Christmas in some capacity or another. Note: the amount of cash recorded is the domestic take for the United States, not around the globe.

10. Christmas with the Kranks – $73.7 million

Based on the novel by John Grisham, the comedy featuring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis was released on November 24th, 2004. Despite the fact that it opened at #3 in the box office (behind the conspiracy-laden National Treasure and the Pixar smash The Incredibles), it had the capacity pull in $21.5 million opening weekend. As the occasions proceeded with, the film effectively rake in individuals for an total box office gross of $73.7 million. The cash brought in by the film doesn’t owe its gratitude to critics, who broadly panned the film as “a mirthless movie.” Today, the film has earned an microscopic 5% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


9. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – $75 million

tima burton
The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t your normal Christmas film. Filled with ghouls, skeletons, and lots of music, Tim Burton’s foray into Christmas ended up being an enormous wager that paid off. Initially, Disney didn’t take this wager. They discharged the film under Touchstone Pictures, expressing that they thought the film would be “too scary for kids.” Later, in 2009, they would cash in on the gigantic success, releasing the film on Blu-Ray.
At the point when Nightmare was released, it right away picked up critical acclaim. Numerous applauded the visuals and imagination of the movie, much all the more so when looking into the film was totally shot utilizing stop-motion animation. Alongside the visuals, the musical score has stood the test of time. In 2008, Disney released a soundtrack titled Nightmare Revisited that included new songs and artists.


8. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause – $84.5 million

Another holiday film featuring Tim Allen, the third film in the Santa Clause series brings entertainer Martin Short into the mix to give the series a boost. While not doing almost as good as the initial two movies (yet to be seen on the list), The Escape Clause had the capacity pull in $84.5 million. On the other hand, this is the first film in the arrangement to be beaten on its opening weekend (Borat would take the honors). With the initial two movies gaining modest reviews, the third entry in the arrangement failed to establish itself with critics. It has a 15% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Still, groups of onlookers appeared to be pulled in to the adorable fellow, even with the establishment becoming exhausted.


7. Four Christmases – $120.1 million

With Vince Vaughn driving his trend of reputation after a series of hits, it looked like a sensible idea to place him in a holiday film. Pair him with the stunning Reese Witherspoon and you have a formula for a successful film. Nonetheless, I don’t think producers expected it would produce the success that it did. Dividing the $100 million is a milestone not many films complete. Four Christmases obtained approximately a 4th of its earnings from its opening weekend. Once more, the critics disliked this film and consider to watch it. Fortunate for companies that many people don’t pay attention to critics.


6. A Christmas Carol (2009) – $137.8 million

One of the first films to spout 3D during the resurrection of the fad, the CGI-animated film impressed viewers with its amazing visual effects and top-notch voice acting performances from celebrities Gary Oldman and Jim Carey. While some might jeer at the thought of another film about mean, old Scrooge, viewers came out in groups to watch the film. The 3D is remarkable in the film, showing that 3D can actually enhance a film when used effectively. With Robert Zemeckis helming the venture, the film was a large success.


5. The Santa Clause 2 – $139.2 million

With the first installment of the franchise showing a large success, production company Buena Vista struck gold again with a follow up to 1994’s The Santa Clause. The sequel, sporting a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, showed that a comedy franchise around Christmas is almost assured to produce a large slice of cash. Most of the original cast came back for the movie, adding an genuine touch of a continuity to the series. With a shade over $139 thousand in earnings, the film’s success provided producers a hunch that the franchise should keep going. It did, but the third film did not enjoy the same success as the initial two movies.


4. The Santa Clause – $114.8 million

As the first two movies in the franchise are written above, the old saying that “the original is the best” proves correct in terms of cash. Launching in 1994, the original Santa Clause searched to create waves at the box office. With the concept of an average Joe taking on the part of Santa Clause, Buerna Vista thought they had a strong enough tale to attract viewers looking for family-friendly fare. Together with Tim Allen, who at the time was featuring in TV’s Home Improvement, and they had all the ingredients to lure viewers. It captured both their hearts and their minds and obtained above $144 thousand.


3. Elf = $173.3 million

Will Ferrell anchors this family comedy as the wide-eyed, positive Buddy the Elf. Ferrell’s potrayal of Buddy immediately amazed viewers, both with his appeal and kind-heartedness. The name of the film describes it all, as the character of Buddy was just too delightful not to like. With an excellent performance of the role, Will Ferrell helped acquire New Line Images a significant payday. When it was all said and done, Elf earned an impressive $173.3 thousand in theatres. That’s a huge sum of cash, especially for family comedy. Like many of the other films on this list, Elf was published at the start of the christmas season in early November.


2. The Polar Express – $183.3 million

A year after the success of the film written above, viewers were again impressed and blown away by a family film. On the other hand, the stage moved from live-action to the ever-growing world of CGI. On November 10, 2004, The Polar Express was launched for viewers everywhere to experience. That’s what many described it as, an “experience.” From the excellent CGI and motion capture technology to the remarkable voice acting of Tom Hanks, the film was an all-around success. Audiences could not get enough of the heart-warming tale, including a magical train called The Polar Express. Locally, the film gathered $183.3 million. The film was made by Castle Rock Entertainment and this was their first try at an animated film.


1. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – $260 million

A live-action retelling of a classic cartoon, only Jim Carrey could carry the weight of this film and the entire buzz around it. Beginning with a large $55 thousand weekend, the film captured the audience’s imagination and their hearts. While critics have had their concerns about the movie, Carrey’s performance as “The Grinch” was greatly acknowledged. Not only was the movie a family comedy, it was also a musical. With a lot of musical numbers, the film kept on generating cash, as well as awards. The Grinch was nominated for three Academia Awards. The first two, Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction, went to movies other than The Grinch. However, the third nomination for Best Cosmetics was won by the Grinch team. To sum up, the film carried away $260 million domestically.

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