10 Of The Hottest Female Twitch Streamers

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Twitch is one of the biggest homes for the online gaming community whereby various gamers can tune in to different streamers and watch their favorite games being played. In 2016, 2.2 million unique streamers were using the service and over 300 billion minutes of gaming was watched.

Twitch does have a number of female streamers. Here are 10 of the hottest of them.

10. TaraBabCock

From her Instagram, this is how she describes herself: “YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Body of a p*rn star, mind of a philosopher, and heart of a gamer. I collect nerdy things and show off my t*ts (and kitten!)”

She has over 170,000 followers on Twitch and over 160,000 on YouTube.


9. Sssniperwolf

Sssniperwolf has million of subscribers on YouTube after so many years of putting out content. She also does livestreams of Overwatch gameplay through her Twitch account with over 220,000 followers.


8. Schyax

She is a Portuguese streamer with over 50,000 followers. She loves playing League of Legends, Overwatch, Battlegrounds and World Of Warcraft.


7. DeerNadia

She started streaming in April 2014 and grew her following by mostly streaming Hearthstone. She has since moved to try other games like The Last of Us, The Evil Within, League of Legends and Dead by Daylight.


6. 2mgovercsquared

Her real name is Ally. She has over 450,000 followers on Twitch and over 487,000 subscribers on YouTube.


5. KayPeaLol

She is an popular League Of Legends streamer who is also great at making money from selling merchandise with her name on it. She has over 654,000 fans on Twitch and more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers.


4. Mia Khalifa

Mia is more than just an adult film star. After her retirement from the craft she has tipped her toes into different industries and one of them is online gaming streaming. She was able to quickly amass over 260,000 followers on Twitch and fans constantly flock on her stream to get some entertainment


3. CinCinBear

She has over 360,000 subscribers on Twitch whom she loves sharing what happens in her life besides streaming games. She streams World of Warcraft and Minecraft.


2. Blondiewondie

She is mostly known for screaming and moaning while playing World Of Warcraft. At one point, she got a donation of more than $5,000 in her account.



She started streaming back in 2014 and has so far amassed over 122,000 followers on the platform. Besides playing World of WarCraft, she also does various acrobatic moves as she streams.